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TOG Gait Scan Analysis 

Are you an avid runner or walker? Are you on your third or fourth brand of shoe and not satisfied?

Do you have recurring injuries or a niggle that just won’t go away?

Consider having a consultation with one of our senior physiotherapists or accredited running coach about a Gait Scan Analysis today!

Why has Pumicestone Physio and Sport invested in the TOG Gait Scan? How would having a Gait Analysis help you? The TOG Gait Scan is an accurate tool used to assess human mechanical irregularities and characteristics that cannot be seen with the naked eye. A TOG Gait Scan assessment evaluates the correlation between a gait cycle, feet characteristics, injuries and correct footwear. Assessments can be used in conjunction with physiotherapy treatment and rehab protocols. Are you taking advice from your friends or work colleagues about their footwear to base your next choice on? Are you a runner or walker and on your third or fourth pair of shoes and not satisfied? Are you wearing the appropriate footwear to assist your injury rehabilitation? Do you have recurring injuries? A Gait Scan Analysis could highlight underlying conditions; inform treatment, and get you comfortable at work or back enjoying your running and walking.

Have a consultation with one of our experienced physiotherapists or accredited running coach for a professional opinion on whether a Gait Scan can help you! Contact the clinic on 07 5437 3811 or emailing

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