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Caloundra Physiotherapy

Welcome to
Pumicestone Physio & Sport

Welcome to Pumicestone Physio & Sport, a family-owned and operated practice for comprehensive physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates, Hydrotherapy, and expert assistance with sports injuries on the stunning Sunshine Coast. Nestled in the heart of Caloundra, our clinic reflects our commitment to family values, ensuring that you experience not only optimal recovery and enhanced performance but also the warmth and personalised care synonymous with a family-owned business.

Our dedicated team at Pumicestone Physio & Sport, led by physiotherapists who are passionate about health and well-being, is committed to delivering personalised care tailored to your unique needs. Whether you're seeking relief from pain, aiming to restore normal range of movement, or pursuing specialized sports injury rehabilitation, we've got you covered.

Physiotherapy lies at the core of our services, where our skilled practitioners, employ the latest research and techniques to address your concerns. We specialise in treating a wide range of conditions, including chronic pain, acute injuries, headaches, orthopaedic rehabilitation, vertigo and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Every member of your family is important to us, and our treatments are designed for individual needs, fostering a sense of trust and continuity in our family-owned practice.

In our commitment to excellence, we extend our expertise to Clinical Pilates—an effective method for enhancing core strength, flexibility, and posture. Our Clinical Pilates programs are designed to complement your physiotherapy journey, providing a comprehensive solution to improve your overall well-being. Similarly, we offer Hydrotherapy at Pumicestone Physio & Sport. Hydrotherapy offers a unique and soothing rehabilitation experience, promoting buoyancy and reducing the impact on joints making your recovery journey both effective and enjoyable.

We understand the importance of timely care, offering same-day to week appointments to accommodate your schedule seamlessly. Working with sports injuries, chronic pain management, and many other musculoskeletal conditions, our practitioners are dedicated to providing tailored assistance to athletes and clients of all levels. We work  with compensable, aged care, NDIS, DVA, Medicare, and most health funds, ensuring accessibility to our quality care.

At Pumicestone Physio & Sport, we go beyond traditional healthcare, offering a holistic and integrated approach to your well-being. Experience the difference with our team, where passion meets professionalism, right here on the Sunshine Coast. Your journey to improved movement, rehabilitation, and pain management starts with our family-owned business.

Practice Hours



Monday to Friday   

Early & Late Appointments available

Remedial Massage


Gait scans, Running Analysis, Dynamic Movement Skills and Running Coaching

Monday to Friday


Covered By​

Private Health Funds 

Department of Veteran's Affairs (DVA)

Worker's Compensation

Medicare: EPC with Referral


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